The Studio

I grew up around fabrics, cloths, sewing patterns, sewing machines, and, of course, fashion magazines. What started as a game for me, a 6 year old girl playing in my mother´s , Cruz, workshop, has come to be my pleasure and work. She gave me notebooks and color pencils, and I designed dresses, and gave them to my mother as presents. She kept them all, and that is why I decided that her name would name the Brand, that project latent in those girl games.

Cruz Costa is born with clear objectives: dress up a woman that gives value to diferentiation, exclusivity, high quality sewing work and artisan and personalized production processes (design, pattern, sewing,…)

With pencil and white paper sheet I imagine a well defined woman, and would like the clothing to mirror some of her nuances: serious but fun, coherent, seductive withouth self knowing -or withouth showing that she knows-, a woman that likes to experiment, play, evolve, defying and self defying…

My muse? my muse is the woman I would like to be in the future.

My way of working, my work philosophy? Not saying it´s the only valid one, it is not to sell or design nothing I wouldn´t wear myself. So simply I try to reach women that have asimilar taste, that want clothing to reveal their feminity, like good materials and pieces that, though looking simple, reflect a detailed craftmanship. I want all this to come to form, driving me towards it, helping me finding the right color, the right fabric… It is this search what makes design so thrilling to me.

With the help of all the people that collaborates in this Project, it is my wish -maybe pretentious yet- that our work gets to be incardinated in Fashion Design and Making.

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